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Take Control of 
Your Career

Nicer is the leading executive professional network and career development platform in Financial Services, Fintech & IT that gets you the career you deserve.

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75% of job opportunities are secured through personal relationships

Nicer is bringing back the human touch to networking by building small communities with huge impact for our members careers

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Nicer Networking 

Nicer identifies and connects you to the right people to build you the network you need to achieve your aspirations

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Work with a career mentor

Work together with industry leaders with relevant expertise & connections to get you where you want to go

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Connect direct to organisations

Bypass recruiters & connect directly to the hiring senior executives at your target organisations. 

Relationship management

Nicer technology enables you to manage and effectively communicate with your key relationships

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Increase your income

Increase your salary by 15-30%  and sell your unique expertise through the Nicer Expert Network

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Access exclusive content & events

Drive your development & networking through tailored training programmes and events

The Nicer strategy to your success

Understand your true value

Your Nicer profile is your most valuable asset because it reflects the best version of you. Nicer capture 1000's of data points across your employment history, skills, personality & psychometrics. Your profile is enhanced with real human insight through working 1-2-1 with an industry leader with relevant expertise and getting anonymous feedback from previous colleagues. With Nicer you discover your true value.

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Discover where you want to go

Work alongside career mentors and the Nicer platform to discover your short and long-term aspirations.


Who do you want to connect to? Are you interested in building a portfolio career? What type of organisations would you like to work for? What are your culture preferences? Would you like to pivot into a new industry?

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Nicer build & manage your network

Nicer is the only professional network that is custom-built for you and your career goals. We identify the valuable relationships within your existing networks and connect you directly to the new contacts that will unlock the doors you need to achieve your goals. After all, 75% of all opportunities are secured through pre-existing relationships. Not only do we build you a targeted network, Nicer then give you the tools to unlock its true power, by giving you a platform to manage and maintain your relationships. 

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Maximise your income & achieve your goals

Start maximising your income and achieving your goals through the Nicer platform. Our members see hidden opportunities through personal introductions and the extensive Nicer network.


Bypass recruiters & headhunters and connect direct to the right people at organisations of your choice.


Start generating a portfolio of secondary income through a variety of different streams unlocked by the Nicer platform. Join the Nicer Expert Advisory Network and start leveraging your unique expertise in the marketplace.

Quality support when you need it

Work alongside Career Mentors that have the expertise to guide you along your new journey. Lean on our industry experts that have been where you want to go and have the knowledge and experience to guide you through your career transitions. Access exclusive content (training courses, seminars, reports etc.) to enhance your profile. Nicer was created to help individuals transform their careers. We want to be a part of that journey at every step. Whenever you need help and guidance, Nicer are here for you.

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Why Nicer Work?


Senior Executives in the Nicer Network


Leading Organisations


Platform to rule them all


Don't miss out on the career you should have had...

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