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Understand your Value, Grow your Market Presence and Connect/Learn from Peers in Your Industry.

Understand who you are &
your value

4-hours of intensive coaching by an industry expert alongside our platform technology to discover;

  • What are your true strengths and weaknesses.

  • Utilise the Nicer 360-degree feedback assessment tool to learn how your past colleagues perceive your skillsets.

  • Assessment of your psychometrics, personality and behavioural traits.



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Identify your key development areas

Development areas are identified through our proprietary capability modelling technology where we match your profile to your future to present the gaps that are holding you back.

Nicer work with the top organisations and SME's within Financial Services and Fintech to ensure we have the most up to date understanding of market demands for individuals. 


Leverage that insight and our vast data set from over 30,000 senior executives in our community to identify your key development areas that are essential for you to achieve your career aspirations.



Leading personalised education

Enrolment at NicerAcademy.

Examples of courses included in this membership 

  • Negotiation and influencing skills

  • Building a sales centric business

  • What are the characteristics of a growth business

Once we have identified your development areas, NicerAcademy connects you to the most up-to-date development and education content.


  • Access leading financial services & fintech focussed courses and programs that are developed by top active industry leaders. 

  • Engage in peer-to-peer community cohorts to review the courses you engaged in. ​




Executive relationship building

Building valuable relationships at the executive level is difficult. Nicer connect our community of pre-vetted and validated executives to each other when true value can be added to both parties. 

  • Connect to experts in the Nicer community who have had their knowledge verified by Nicer to seek insight to help solve your unique career or business problems.

  • Nicer personally introduce our members to relevant peers in your domain to build a network valuable to you.

  • Connect direct to Nicer headhunters & key decision makers who have the right influence & connections to help you find your next role.

Become the leader you are meant to be

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