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Your Nicer Community

A community of your peers in Financial Services and Fintech where meaningful relationships bring value to your career  

Where the leaders of tomorrow's Financial Services and Fintech organisations go to connect

Learn more about how you can have meaningful conversations with the right people below.


Each and every member at Nicer is interviewed by a Nicer partner to ensure their profile fits within our community. This ensures you save precious time by connecting to the right people.

Financial Services & Fintech 

Nicer members are sector focussed in Financial Services & Fintech. Ensuring we are building a relevant & powerful community.

Industry experts

Nicer capture our members profiles at a level of detail and understanding not found anywhere else. Meaning we have a rich community of validated experts.


Conversations and your time are valuable. Nicer put your privacy at the heart of what we do to ensure you are building relationships that you want.

Pre-vetted and verified community

Nicer is a curated powerful network where each and every senior executive & industry expert have had their capabilities, experience and expertise profiled and validated by Nicer. 

This allows us to maintain the quality of our network whilst ensuring we truly understand the needs of each and every one of our members. 

Image by Kenny Eliason

1-2-1 executive connections

Build relationships with meaning and purpose that are aligned to your career goals. With a qualified and accurate understanding of the members in our community and their career aspirations, we can ensure real value is delivered through direct introductions to the right people at the right time for you.

  • Connect to a peer who is in the same domain as yourself.

  • Connect to the relevant mentors with relevant experience offering valued insight.

  • Connect straight to an SME to help solve your unique business problems​.

Access industry experts

Make sure your making the best decisions for your business by connecting to the industry experts within the Nicer community. 


Solve your business problems with confidence by accessing top industry experts to make decisions with authority.


Guest Speaker

Leverage our headhunter community

With access to over 30,000 personal connections in our community, we have built a valuable list of relevant and high quality headhunters. 

Nicer have relationships with key headhunters and executive recruiters in the Financial Services and Fintech space. 


Our proprietary education framework with NicerAcademy utilises community cohort learning.

Combine industry leading development content that is delivered by true experts/leaders in their field with a group of professionals on the same journey as yourself and wrap your learning into your business in real-time and get feedback from the right people. 


Community cohort learning

Online Meeting
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