Membership Type

Suitable for:


Passively looking for your next role

Accelerate Career

Looking for your next job and want to increase interview volume.  Keen to develop your networking to help career development.

Premium Career

Actively planning longer term career options, desire to build networking capabilities and increase personal brand to secure optimal roles.  Desire to develop new income streams.

Platinum Career

Full career design, personal brand and coaching service guiding career development.  Extensive networking capabilities to support continual career plan. Intent to develop new income streams.

Overview of Member Benefits*

Get a New Job

See Hidden Jobs

Connect to hiring employers by referral

CV & Profile Review and Interview 

Annual Career Plan & Brand Profile

360  Degree Skills Feedback 

Personality Assessment

On-Going Personal Coaching

Access training e.g. Interview techniques

Get access to the 70% of jobs not advertised 

Connect with employers looking to hire often before jobs are placed

Ensure you are maximising your marketing profile - Secure more interviews

Develop a long term career plan and key actions to achieve your aspirations

How do your skills and capabilities actually score as assessed by co-workers?

What roles are you best suited for and highlight your development opportunities?

Connect with your designated coach when you need to drive your career goals

Access supporting videos and training material to support your career development

Build a Valuable Network

Networking based on "real" relationships

Build your "Trusted" status and reputation

Gain access to employers and influencers

Connect with Valuable Members

Publish content 

Nicer extends your networking reach to trusted and valuable relationships

"Curated" members secure more reputational visibility with employers

Secure access to key decision makers in employers via trusted referrals

Identify peers with similar interests and build private network groups 

Publish documents to increase brand presence

Earn Income - Realise your True Value

Reward Points from Your Data

Income from Connections

Income from Reports, Surveys

Income from your Content

Income from Interviewing & Coaching

We reward you for your data and only share information based on ethical permissions

We reward members for introducing and referring trusted contacts 

Nicer clients commission reports and surveys and members are invited to contribute

Publish your content on Nicer channels to earn income 

Become a Nicer Interviewer and Career Coach and support other members


On Boarding Call

Email, chat and 1-2-1 support calls are available based on member package

On-Boarding to ensure members gain the maximum benefit from joining Nicer 

* Member benefits depend on type of membership selected and conditional on various approval criteria

Memberships designed for you and your needs

Business Meeting

For you following a Corporate Career

Memberships to ensure you are building your valued network, designing you future career, curating your brand and securing job opportunities at the right time

Additional services provide enhanced support 

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