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Designing your Career Future, Developing your Brand and Learning what you need to know to achieve your next senior position.

Director includes everything in associate membership plus: 

  • 8 additional coaching hours to discover personal drivers, potential new career paths and more

  • Detailed career plan - including capabilities, networking, brand positioning and more

  • Access to more courses at NicerAcademy


Understand who you are & your value

Conduct a full review of your career to date and design your future career path based on our in-depth comprehensive evaluation programme. 

  • What are your true strengths and weaknesses.

  • Utilise the Nicer 360-degree feedback assessment tool to learn how your past colleagues perceive your skillsets.

  • Assessment of your psychometrics, personality and behavioural traits.



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Discover your future

Your coach will work with you to identify your purpose, how your brand reflects your purpose and develop your back story to build a well-grounded executive image. 

  • Holistic review of what are your drivers, your; values, purpose, brand.

  • Full capability modelling analysis of your current capabilities to potential new roles & career paths.


Detailed career plan

A comprehensive career development plan including recommendations on leadership development capabilities needed to progress to Senior Executive and C-Level roles. 

Detailed career strategy documented with clear actions in:

  • Skills & capabilities that require development.

  • How to position your brand for the market.

  • Identification & networking strategy of the relationships you need to build.


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Leading personalised education

Enrolment at NicerAcademy and access to Director level courses.

Examples of courses included at this membership level

  • Developing Gravitas 

  • Executing M&A

  • Sales accelerator for companies​

Once we have identified your development areas, NicerU connects you to the most up-to-date development and education content.


  • Access leading financial services & fintech focussed courses and programs that are developed by top active industry leaders. 

  • Engage in peer-to-peer community cohorts to review the courses you engaged in. ​

Executive relationship building

Building valuable relationships at the executive level is difficult. Nicer connect our community of pre-vetted and validated executives to each other when true value can be added to both parties. 

  • Connect to experts in the Nicer community who have had their knowledge verified by Nicer to seek insight to help solve your unique career or business problems.

  • Nicer personally introduce our members to relevant peers in your domain to build a network valuable to you.

  • Connect direct to Nicer headhunters & key decision makers who have the right influence & connections to help you find your next role.

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