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How to discover and evaluate the best use cases for quantum and quantum-inspired technology
How to discover and evaluate the best use cases for quantum and quantum-inspired technology

Thu, 30 Nov



How to discover and evaluate the best use cases for quantum and quantum-inspired technology

Hosted by Krista Griggs

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Time & Location

30 Nov 2023, 13:00 – 14:00 GMT


About the event

A bit about more Krista Griggs

Krista is the Head of the Banking, Financial Services & Insurance sector in Fujitsu UK. She has a strong focus on an entrepreneurial culture and sales   approach to focus on delivering business value to our customers. Her approach brings together industry and technical expertise, creating a differentiated   and relevant message. Krista is passionate about creating a better and more   sustainable future through the use of technology and the collective expertise of our individual people. With over 20 years’ experience in designing and   implementing digital transformations across various business domains, she understands a wide range of stakeholder perspectives. Using her strategy and   vision she builds high performing teams, generating growth and development   for our people, our customers, and our business. She was a Finalist for Role   Model of the Year in Women in Tech Excellence Awards 2022, Top 100 Women in   FinTech 2022 and winner of the Transformation Leader of the Year award in the   Women in Tech Excellence Awards 2021

A bit about what the talk will cover

Delves into the practical aspects of identifying and assessing the most promising applications for quantum and quantum-like technologies within the financial   services industry. Given the nascent stage of quantum computing and the substantial investment required, selecting the right use cases is crucial for achieving tangible benefits. 


  • Methods to identify potential areas where quantum technology could provide significant advantages over classical computing.
  • Criteria and frameworks to evaluate these opportunities, considering factors such as feasibility, ROI, and alignment with business goals.
  • Examples from our company's own journey with experimental quantum computing and quantum annealing simulations, to illuminate the decision-making process in real-world terms.

This talk will provide actionable insights on how to navigate the complex landscape of quantum technology, focusing on pragmatic solutions rather than theoretical possibilities.

Who should join and why?

The series of talks is aimed at decision-makers, strategists, banking executives,   and industry leaders within the financial services sector. The focus is on   providing clear, practical insights into quantum technology, its real-world   applications, and how to harness its potential within commercial banking. The   intention is to bridge the gap between technological innovation and tangible   business value, helping attendees understand how to strategically align   quantum initiatives with organizational goals, foster collaboration, and   translate theoretical concepts into actionable solutions. By focusing on those who influence or execute business strategy, the talks seek to drive   informed decision-making and promote a pragmatic approach to leveraging   quantum technology, emphasizing its potential to revolutionize financial   services without unnecessary complexity.

Attendees of the series of talks will gain a multifaceted understanding that   encompasses several key areas. They'll receive a clear and accessible   understanding of what quantum and quantum-like technologies are, including   how they differ from classical computing, without the need for overwhelming   technical jargon. The talks will offer real-world insights into the practical   applications of quantum technology within the financial services industry,   providing opportunities for optimization and innovation. Guidance will be   provided on identifying and evaluating the best use cases for quantum   initiatives, ensuring alignment with core business objectives, along with   practical advice on preparing an organization to derive maximum value from   these endeavours. Attendees will also benefit from exposure to the   experiences of a global technology leader, with opportunities to engage with   other industry professionals and thought leaders. Collectively, the insights   gained will position attendees and their organizations at the forefront of   innovation, potentially leading to a competitive advantage in the rapidly evolving landscape of financial services technology.

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