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Advance your Executive and Board capabilities to the next level through highly personalised One-to-One coaching and continuous leadership development programmes.

Executive includes everything in Director membership plus: 

  • 6 months of intensive coaching - discovery of ambitions, identification of development areas and then 1-2-1 coaching to implement and track impact

  • Full leadership transformation strategy - a continuous and integrated leadership development program 

  • Full access to every course at NicerAcademy


Intensive 6 month coaching program

6 months of 1-2-1 coaching to develop and implement your development areas into your leadership journey

  • Understand who you are, how others perceive you and your personal drivers and motivators for your career

  • Full capability analysis and review of psychometrics, culture preferences, personality, behavioural traits etc.

  • Detailed identification of key development areas in capabilities and leadership skills

  • Development of a highly personalised leadership development programme tailored to your specific needs

  • Regular assessment of how your leadership capabilities are developing against your benchmark

  •  Comparative analysis of your competency matrix   against your target performance and external “model” leadership styles

Full access to NicerAcademy

Full enrolment to NicerAcademy with access to every course & program​

Once we have identified your development areas, NicerAcademy connects you to the most up-to-date development and education content.


  • Access leading financial services & fintech focussed courses and programs that are developed by top active industry leaders. 

  • Engage in peer-to-peer community cohorts to review the courses you engaged in. ​




Executive relationship building

Building valuable relationships at the executive level is difficult. Nicer connect our community of pre-vetted and validated executives to each other when true value can be added to both parties. 

  • Connect to experts in the Nicer community who have had their knowledge verified by Nicer to seek insight to help solve your unique career or business problems.

  • Nicer personally introduce our members to relevant peers in your domain to build a network valuable to you.

  • Connect direct to Nicer headhunters & key decision makers who have the right influence & connections to help you find your next role.

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