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It offers a set of building system components that you can assemble in your own designs to optimize your building’s performance and energy usage. These building components can be mixed and matched to best fit the needs of a specific building type, such as a single-family residence, commercial buildings, or mixed-use buildings. You can use the Buildings component to choose from a variety of standard building systems and components, including architectural framing, exterior envelope, light harvesting, mechanical, and electrical systems. The Metal and Composite Materials component includes a wide variety of stock materials such as veneers, panel materials, and structural wall materials, which you can combine to create unique building elements with precise tolerances. The Thermal, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning component enables you to customize your building’s thermal performance with various combinations of solar shading, heat recovery, and ventilation devices. You can also add wind turbines, outdoor electric generation, and thermal storage as part of your structure design to optimize its energy efficiency. The MasterSeries Building Design Suite is the newest member of Autodesk’s family of building design products, which also includes Building Information Modeling (BIM) tools and Revit. It also incorporates several research products, including the Structural Design Suite, Heat Transfer Simulation, and Construction Simulation, with the goal of making building design as efficient and effective as possible. The MasterSeries Building Design Suite is also designed to be compatible with Autodesk Building Design Suite, Autodesk MEP Design Suite, and Autodesk ARES. The MasterSeries Building Design Suite is available as an Autodesk Renewed Subscription product. This means it will be upgraded annually for one year at the same time as the Autodesk building design product suite. History In 1996, Autodesk acquired Sandvik's TAP manufacturer of equipment for the construction industry. The company's building analysis products were renamed the Structural Analysis Products (SAP) family. Later that year, the product lines were split into two separate groups: SAP and Building Design Suite (BDSuite). In 2002, SAP was renamed to Autodesk Building Design Suite, or BDSuite. In 2004, Autodesk restructured the Architectural & Engineering Product Group (AEPG), and BDSuite was renamed the MasterSeries Building Design Suite. Additional Autodesk renovation products are introduced yearly and are supported for the length of a Renewed Subscription. In 2015, the full Renewed




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