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Why Nicer?

Our Focus is On You

  • Transform your work-life journey

  • Achieve a balance to maximise personal fulfilment

  • Reward you for your true value

  • Enable financial independence

  • Give you the freedom to pursue your personal dreams

Professional careers are more often than not guided by chance and fate, often following the "drunkards walk" in life.  Traditional resource recruitment processes driven by broadcast advertisements and low visibility channels via agencies or consultancies re-enforces a tactical matching of people to roles and significantly reduces the visibility of 'perfect' roles for you.  


Nicer not only connects you at the right time to companies that want your skills, but turns your career path from an art into a science, analysing your short and longer term goals, aligning to company needs, ensuring you see all the relevant roles at right time and connecting you directly to key decision makers at your target companies 


    Nicer proven processes, profiling data analytics and advanced algorithms accelerate your career


How did you get to where you are now?


Where are you now?

What is your true value?

What are your work lifestyle aspirations?

Building the Best 'YOU'

Design the next chapters of your professional career


Figuring out how to craft the journey and steps to succeed

Applying data science to optimise your career path

Building YOUR 

How to build your foundation to make the journey real

Investing in your future and foundation success factors

Creating the environment to accelerate change

executing for success

Connecting with the right people at the right time

Turn the story into reality, influence and promote with laser like precision

Build close networks of people with real influence on your future

Build a valuable network - not just a list of contacts

We review your career and together we design your future

We promote you to relevant and actively recruiting employers

Engage directly with employers and avoid the agency filter

Generate income from your data, knowledge, and experience

Design your career path

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